Items listed below are available to rent. Email for quotes.

1x Arri Alexa Mini LF (RTS Cage, 2x 1TB Codex Compact Drive + Reader)
1x Teradek 4K LT 750 Gold Mount Deluxe Kit (1x TX, 1x RX)
1x SmallHD 1303 Monitor
1x SmallHD Indie 7 Monitor with Teradek 4K LT 750 RX Built In + Cage
1x SmallHD 503 Monitor
1x Bebob Gold Mount Battery Kit (2x 196W, 2x 150W, 4x 98W, 1x 8 Bank Charger)
1x Easyrig Vario 5 Strong Stabil G2

1x Astera Titan 8 Tube Kit
1x Aputure Nova 300c
1x Aputure B7c 8 Light Kit